1-kristine-about-to-try-her-bday-cake-the-ej-madeKristine’s 40th birthday was yesterday, November 24th, as it always is.    The first birthday I spent with her was her 18th birthday (whew, finally legal!)  Our lives together have evolved over time, with highs and lows, and highs again.    She has grown personally, but always manages to outpace me, keeping her maturity level (I have never really tried to win that race), education, and insight (wisdom) ever growing and impressive.     On my 40th birthday, she throw a big party for me, with many friends, not to mention a new Mini-Cooper.    Her’s was smaller birthday, mostly because both kids (we have three, but I still write that) are in Mexico creeking and river running.    Nick, Lorraine (her mom), KC and I were her ownly guests.   She got a couple of villery and boch flatware replacements to her set. (she got them for our wedding)   She got some cool things, actually, like the internet radio from Nick and Emily and a Sirius membership from Lorraine.     

The focus was on the day, where it started with me cooking breakfast, and taking care of KC.    Nick got balloons and we set them up all around the house, only to discover that KC is afraid of them.    We set up the bocce ball court with chairs and drinks and played it up.  Kristine is convince that Bocce Ball (known as putunk in France) is the best game ever because you can play while having a glass of wine or a beer.     Our court is a mowed section of our field.    KC is part of the game, if you throw the red ball near him, he’ll move it and change everything.   The dogs also are part of the game and the retrievers, well, they tend to retrieve.     Clay came over, late, of course, but he was there for a good game too.  

I went up to the house after we played bocce ball and made a raging fire in our fireplace, while cooking filet mignon on the grill, and some asparagus, and sweet potatoes.    I cooked a spice cake and did my best to decorate it.  I have a renewed respect for people that actually make a really good looking cake.   That is harder than I imagined!

Dinner was awesome and we retired to the living room for cake and smores on the fire.    I dropped an overcooked marshmallow on the hearth and KC grabbed it before I could stop him,  he really knows what the word “hot” means now.   He is fine, but it took some coaxing to get him to eat any more cooked marshmallows.   The chocolate was safe, however.

Everyone left and we got KC to bed at 10:30pm.  Normally he is in bed by 7pm.    Birthday suits are one of the greatest birthday inventions…



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