1-new-2010-2-funClay, Dane, Nick, Arndt, Anne, and myself enjoy the post rain 1,000 cfs trip down North Chic.    We got Dane’s 2 Fun loaded up, along with a Fun for Clay, Nick, and I.  The 4 Fun wasn’t quite ready in time to take it on this trip, missed it by three hours!    The weather was a little cloudy and windy to start but warm.  We arrived in my 1988 Landcruiser and Clays Ford Monster truck.     My truck was takout, and clays to the put-in.   We piled in and drove a little farther than necessary getting Clay’s truck stuck with no turn around.  Took us 30 minutes to get it turned around and back out of there.   We did the nice hike in and got started, everyone excited for the medium/high water.   Arndt Schaeflein and his girlfriend Anne were both there with us.   Clay and I have been friends with Arndt for many years.     We couldn’t help ourselves from spinning on every rock, and surfing the waves, doing kick flips, wave wheels, etc..   What a great run for the Fun.  challenging river running, and lots of good play too.    Dane was doing awesome in the 2 Fun and he is finally over 5′ tall and 100 pounds, no longer too small for it.     clay was also enjoying the Fun, remembering why this boat is so popular.    We got to the harder rapids and did some filming and took a few photos so that we could finish up the 2010 Fun promo video that will be coming out tomorrow or the next day.    nick is hard at work on it.

We got below North Chic Falls and realized that we weren’t going to make it out before dark!   It was 4:30 and the sun was just setting (central time).   No biggie. We kept running down, spinning, boofing, etc. and we got to the best playspot on the river, a very sweet hole.   Everyone jumped in and did loops, cartwheels, spins, etc. and just had a great time playing around, with Dane filming.   We realized we should be going and started going quite fast.  Not racing, but moving quickly, taking the fast lines.   it got darker and darker to the point where you weren’t sure if the person in front of you was a rock or not.   We got to the Bowling Alley and it was totally dark, but really fun reacting to the water but not being able to see more than a few feet.   We weren’t sure if we made it to the take out or not so we took out a little early to avoid going too far (bad for walking out).   We were not far off and I made it out first.   I got dressed and ready for the take out party, compliments of potato chips, and a six pack of Budweiser American Ale.     I am quite enjoying being in charge of the take out party.   A toast to our day, a toast to life in general and how lucky we are, and sharing the memories, one more time before we move on to something new tomorrow.      6 kayakers, six lives lived well that day.  the sun broke out by the time we hit the second rapid, then it finally dissapeared and gave way to stars.  The drive home was short, and kristine had what she called a “mexican feast” ready for when we got back.  She wasn’t kidding,  fajitas, burrittos, tacos, margaritas, etc. etc.  awesome!   tired and happy i was in bed by 11pm, 2 hours before KC woke up for a feeding.    didn’t paddle today, but did a round of disc golf and bocce ball.  plenty of good work too!


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