Yesterday I got to meet a bunch of great people from the Paddlesports Industry Association who came to our Factory in Sparta, TN for a tour. The owner and CEO of We-No-Na Canoe, Mike Cichanowski was there also.

The PIA is having their annual get together meetings and show in Kentucky and the two hour drive to get to the factory started off their week. It was fun for me to show off our great staff, and have them present their area of expertise to this group of livery owners and staff, as well as dealers. Some of them, like the Canoe Kentucky folks, have been here many times to pick up boats, give us advice, etc.. Others have never been to a factory before and had a whole different set of questions.

We pulled out one of the first 2 Funs from the mold while they were there, and they got to see the Riviera being built out. Bear Bass, the president of PIA was the one who asked us to design the Riviera last year, and the folks from the Trading Post helped us get the design right on their visit to the factory last year.

Marty Cronin, our VP of Sales (new position for him) headed up to the PIA show today and knows many of them well. It was my first time meeting most of them. As you can imagine, a group of people who spend their working lives putting people out on the water in kayaks, canoes, working with handicapped people for kayaking, teaching, etc. etc…. they are a great bunch of people. I am very lucky to be in this business.

Thank you PIA for visiting and for getting people out on the water!