1-dogs-watching-the-launchSomething that was understated in my post on the “Death of Brave Wave” was how much I missed it and knew it would change my Rock Island experience.  Not so much that I wasn’t glad i was here, but like losing one of two good friends, still glad for my one friend, but really miss my other one.

Well on a hunch this morning at 7:45 am, I suggested to Nick that we go down and look for Brave Wave anyhow, even though we have been there at this level in the past couple of months and nothing was there.     I followed Nick down and he dropped over the horizon line and then his head bobbed up and then…. he dropped back down and a I saw a stern fly up in the air!   He caught, surfed and threw a move on the wave!  I boofed into the eddy on the left and saw with my own eyes what looked like the Brave Wave I have always known!  At close inspection it looked a little more green but still loopable at this level and very retentive.   Like two children at Christmas we played there until the water was about to turn off and went home tired and happy.   I am still in disbelief as we inspected it yesterday with the water off and couldn’t figure out what if anything had changed to mess it up in the first place.   We have heard many theories, and have had plenty of our own, like a rock moved upstream on river left, the island is different, a rock fell into the trough, etc. etc..    My new theory, is that Center Hill Lake was too high and flooded it out, and that the rocks and riverbed that make up the wonderful play feature we named Brave Wave back in 2002 is the same as it always was!

I am saving up for tonights dinner and I am giving a toast to the river gods for offering us Brave Wave back.  No matter where it went in the first place, and how it got back to where it was, we’ll never know for sure.   We will, however, remember the Thanksgiving that Brave Wave came back home forever.   Thank You River Gods!

I am about to pop open a Bud American Ale with my Brother in Law, Billy, who just moved into Lorraine’s house as he moved back into town yesterday.   Since Nick isn’t here at the moment to toast to the Brave Wave returning, and Clay probably still doesn’t believe me,  I’ll do the toast with Billy who wouldn’t know to question the reality of it coming back.

So when it is 3,200-3,300cfs or higher, look for us splitting our time between the Top Wave, the “3rd Wave”  the Main Hole, and Brave Wave.    Life is good!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!



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