There is something about spending time with lots of friends, and working with people who are passionate and the best at what they do.   It is a special time and I have been having that experience over the past three days.   The folks from Budweiser, as well as the ad agency working on the project, and Corey Rich, Trevor Clark, Marina Rich, and Blaine Deutch the photography crew, have been on hand reproducing the essence of Budweiser American Ale through photography and the images of whitewater, friends, and a great outdoor setting.   Actually reproducing it is impossible, but the nobody could do it better in creating the images than Corey Rich.    Watching Marianne, Mark, Chris, and Peter work is like watching the Super Bowl.   Relaxed intensity, fun but high performance, multi-tasking, but focused, and the job gets done, period.    Watching Corey, Trevor, Blaine, and Marina work (photography crew) is the same, but with a more intense focus on the image on the little screen, and no effort too great to undertake to improve it only so slightly.    Watching Corey hurdle slippery rocks with his $15,000 camera/lens combo just for a minor improvement in angle says it all.  Along with setting up final shots just after dark and capturing the unexpected,  Corey is the master of the natural light and making the impossible work really well.    I can’t wait until some of the images are released early next year.  

The thing that I love more than anything, it boils down to, is being around people who are performing at a very high level, and loving it.   The inspiration is provides is amazing.   When some people are looking for tension relieving distractions that simply drown out the reality of life, seeing this group of people seek out  the challenges knowing only their will and skill will overcome them.  In doing so, they’ll create a masterpiece in their area of expertise that’s reward will pay dividends forever.   The reward being personal confidence, self esteem, monetary if they so choose, and to know that in the end, when the going gets tough, they are there to get the job done, and to do it best, all while having fun.

I have new friends in this group, and am inspired by them.   It was a great weekend.   Today I am bringing the group to see another group of people in their category of excellence, my factory staff for Jackson Kayak.     There, the best kayaks in the world are built by a group of people who care to do the best job, everyday.