I woke up this morning to a white yard, white trees, and a beautiful landscape.    This is not normal Rock Island weather and I think it may be the biggest snow I have seen here in many years.    The ground is warm and not frozen, so it will all be gone by tonight.    The rain we got on Wednesday was enough to fill up the lake another 6 feet and get them releasing the dam 24/7 again.    We got on Suck Creek on Thursday which was a good time.   Yesterday I picked up a good supply of Budweiser American Ale and some sweet beer glasses for a photo shoot that starts tomorrow.   Corey Rich and Trevor Clark are coming in today, along with Marina and Blaine from Aurora Photos in California.   Tomorrow we’ll see Marianne Radley and Chris Hanson from Budweiser and then the Waylon Ad folks, a couple of models, Lee Hart (our PR person) and more arriving for two days of photos right here at my house, and then at Rock Island hole, etc..      I am very lucky to be able to work with such a great group of people on this project.    By the time they arrive the snow should be gone, but it is predicted that we’ll see rain (40% chance) on Monday and Tuesday.      I hope we can get all of the photos we need.     The river couldn’t be better at 3,600 cfs for Brave Wave (yes it is back!), the top wave, the 3rd wave, and the main hole.   

Nick’s grandparents arrived from Canada yesterday, which is likely where the snow came from.    Dane and Tommy went snow boating this morning, but i had KC so didn’t do it myself.   They made a good jump for it in the backyard.  

Lots of rambling on here, sorry.    A lot going on.    i am hoping to paddle before Corey and Trevor arrive.     Tomorrow I’ll give you a photo essay of Dane’s new Truck.     Dane just got his starter vehicle that he bought from his uncle Scott (a kayaker) and drove from Texas back to Rock Island last week.   We used it for Suck Creek and it was awesome.    It was a Baja Support vehicle, 70 gallon tank, etc. so not your everyday car.   more on that later…

Meanwhile I got a new IR drytop yesterday and will bust it out today.  I also got a new Uni-suit fleece which is the most incredible piece of gear and will try out my new splash pants with neoprene socks attached to it.    Early Christmas for me!



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