20100110-091Now that it is butt cold, the real testing is happening for my new IR gear.   My new drydeck, uni-suit, pogies, thermohood, dry pants with neoprene socks in them, and spray skirt are all getting put to the test with sub-20 degree temps, 32 degree water, and wind.   

I dressed up in my uni-suit.  put on my dry pants, and dry deck and thermo hood, and headed to the river.   (doing it again today in 18 degree weather!)    My new IR bungee skirt is bone dry in my All-Star and I finished up with a dry uni-suit after two hours of playboating yesterday.  

I couldn’t be happier.  My plaid drytop is bone dry as well.  Good job IR R+D and production team!    I wouldn’t consider kayaking in this weather without great gear that is warm and dry.


I am off for another session!