After an all night drive from Mexico to San Antonio, we rallied to San Marcos and had a great paddle day with a bunch of folks there.    Duanne and Zack from TG Canoe were on hand with a bunch of demo boats as well, including the new Star Series, Fun Series, Heroes, and I brought our two Villains.   1-dane-in-the-water-already

I taught a playboating clinic and some strokes and concepts and the group was picking up on on fast.   I got three people hand rolling in the eddy and had them surfing with their hands right after that, as we all were practicing with our hands.  

Everyone who tried the new All-Star or Fun were immediately hooked, like trying Chocolate for the first time.    It is hard not to love that stuff.

A lunch at a Mexican restaurant (enough already of that) and spent the night at Scott and Patty’s house (brother and sister in law) and then flew home last night.   1.8″ of rain yesterday and Rock Island is at 50,000 and rising!   Bear Creek today?    Hope so- and show the Villains to Rock Creek, as they’ll be fired up on this design.    Chattanooga has a very large creeking and river running community and this boat is right down their alley.


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