20091210-241Dane and I leave on Friday for Texas where we will meet up with Kristine’s brother Scott in San Antonio.   Scott has been helping at the Army Medical Center there in teaching kayaking to returning wounded vets that can use paddling as part of their rehab and get them fired up on being back out in the world after their whole ordeal.  

We are all meeting up together with Michelle and Ben Kvanli who will be leading the trips logistics with Red River Racing and Kayak Instruction, a Jackson Kayak Super School and Jackson Kayak Super Store.    http://www.kayakinstruct.com/  and  http://www.redriverracing.org/ .

We will have a variety of soldiers on the trip with a variety of skill levels and injury levels.    Blind, amputees, and a variety of other injuries in the line of duty.  These guys deserve all of the support we can give them as they were doing their job, as requested by the leadership of this country, when they were in harm’s way and harm found them.  

I hope this trip will be rewarding, motivating, and healing for them.  

We’ll have a Dynamic Duo, as well as two new Villains!  The Villains will be out of a temporary mold as we didn’t have time to get the aluminum mold ready before we left.    Dane and I will use the Villains but switch out when any of the guys need the boat that will take the best care of them for that rapid.   We’ll have Heroes and Funs too.  

Waterfalls, rapids, warmer weather south of the border, and a good cause for being there make this trip in the middle of a crazy busy, important time for Jackson Kayak worth doing.

I have a great team of people backing me up while I am gone.   

My fingers are vibrating as I talk about the Villain coming out of the mold tomorrow!  Flying with them to Texas, and the driving them to Mexico.    Look for some updates from there on the trip, as well as reviews of the new boat!!!     So exciting!  Want to see a preview of the logo?

Meanwhile, if you are interested in helping to support this trip, or others like it for wounded vets, please contact me by email or replying on this blog.   I’ll pass you off to the appropriate people.

Thanks for the support and look for cool photos in action.   Ever see a blind guy run a waterfall?  You will in a week!



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