Tonight Anheuser-Busch launched their new Budweiser American Ale website, staring my new favorite beer, and kayaking.    I am lucky enough to be the kayaker representing this Ale.   Why you wonder, did they pick EJ?    I can’t answer for them, but I’ll tell you the story….

I was at NOC at the International Whitewater Hall of Fame induction ceremony where I was about to be inducted (i was honored to have it bestowed on me while still alive and still in my prime) and a guy handed me a frosty brown glass of beer (clearly an Ale) and I am an Ale Adict.   I love my Ales and can tell the on the first sip,  Newcastle, Bass, Flying dog, Magic Hat, Fat Tire,  Dale’s, etc. etc.      I took my first sip and loved it, but I couldn’t place it.   I didn’t think british, too hoppy, and too “microbrew”.   but i gave up and tracked the guy down that gave it to me (bless his heart, I didn’t even know him) and asked what it was and he told me,  “Budweiser American Ale”.  No #$R$$ way!    Budweiser Makes Budweiser, and then lighter versions of it,  I thought.    I never imagined that they would make an ale.    Wow, I am in love- pair one of my favorite USA brands, with my new favorite beer and you have paradise!    

A year later, I found out that in the background, was that guy that gave me the beer.   he was an employee of Anheuser-Busch and his only job was to bring the beer to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, pour it perfectly into a frosty glass, and hand it to me at an appropriate time and record my reaction.   Apparrently my reaction was what they were looking for, and the rest is history.  Really the rest is just about to begin.  

first off, check out their new website for Budweiser American Ale-   it has a nice glass being filled up while the flash uploader works in the background to prepare a very cool presentation.      Click on the Eric Jackson section, of course (after you enter your over 21 birthday), to see the kayaking action.  photos, a short/sweet video, and a way to follow me on the Fun Tour all season.   

If that isn’t enough to wet your appetite to see more- meet up with me on the Fun Tour stops listed, and share a nice cold Budweiser American Ale, on me.   I have 120 cases, and that is more than enough to share with my friends, and new friends along the way.

check it out!