2-dane-running-the-drop-in-his-headToday was another special day for me as a parent.   I got to go to Bear Creek which was running at 12″ and a perfect medium level.   We got there later than we should have, and missed the early crowd of Jeff, Howard (clay’s cousin), and the Chattanooga, and some of the Asheville crowd.      It was snowing, but we were well dressed and put in around 2pm.    Dane has about 8 runs under his belt on this one and coupled with his photographic memory of every rapid he has ever run, I’ll follow him before anyone else in the world on a run like this.   

His perfectly described each rapid we needed to hear about, yet Stephen and I both ( I have only about 6 runs on it spanning 20 years) wanted to scout Fishbowl to decide which way we wanted to go and Big Bang to remember just where the landing zone was.    Dane hasn’t walked Stairway to Heaven on any run i have seen, but decided to today and so did we.  

the rest of the run was like clockwork.   Dane would eddy out and give a verbal description, reiterating the critical move parts, give us a landmark downriver that would be where the critical move was, and then peel out and we would bomb down with him and enjoyed a simple but effective mental picture that matched what we saw.   He missed one “triple drop where you need to be far left to boof…” as it had one small drop he didn’t remember in it that was inconsequential.   Given that it is non-stop rapids for some time, I was having fun just watching him work.    not having anyone else on the water with more experience than him on this run put him in the driver’s seat and as a parent it was awesome to experience.   

we all paddled the new villain s 2.0 prototype and are in hog heaven with it.      We took off a little late for second run, so headed back home to rock island, about 2 hours away.   A stop at all you can eat chinease and we are set.

Now, it is ping pong, pin-ball, and movie time.   Maybe chess and backgammon too.  Kristine is in Florida and KC too.   The house is so quiet with just Dane and I.   We had a pinball tournament last night.

tomorrow we’ll run something closer like Cane Creek or Maybe high water Rock Island!   that is the hardest of the runs.