I have been getting alot of requests for “how do i get better at….” this winter.    Kayaking has a lot of different types of skills to learn and it is difficult to try to re-invent the wheel, while most of the skills are easy to learn, especially if you know what it is you are trying to learn.

The categories are:

Rolling and Bracing (staying upright, or rolling back up)

Strokes and Concepts (making your kayak go where you want it to go)

River Running (knowing how the river works and how to safely run them)

Playboating (learning how to make your home rivers more fun)

here are the links to each video in those categories that I have created, just for this reason…. so you can learn while at home….

1. EJ’s Rolling and Bracing:  http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=rolling-bracing-dvd

2. EJ’s Strokes and Concepts DVD:  http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=strokes-concepts-dvd-vhs

3. EJ’s River Running Basics DVD: http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=strokes-concepts-dvd-vhs

4. EJ’s River Running Advanced DVD:  http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=advanced-riverrunning-dvd

5. EJ’s River running combo (advanced and basics together): http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=riverrunning-combo-dvd

6. EJ’s Playboating Basics DVD: http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=riverrunning-combo-dvd

7. EJ’s Advanced Playboating DVD: http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=advanced-playboating-dvd06

8. EJ Playboating DVD combo: http://www.jacksonkayak.com/store/product.cfm?product=playboating-combo-dvd06

good luck and have fun!