1-villain-virgin-run2010 is the best year I have seen for kayakers in a long time.    Lots of wet weather means a great season in most of the world.  Lots of great new kayaks that will make your days on the water more fun then ever before with the technology and design innovations/improvements it is like buying skills you didn’t have before.    There are new events popping up all accross North America that are fun to participate in, meet new friends, get outside, and have a good time.  

We’ll be annoucing the Hometown Throwdown Schedule soon, and the sponsors and prizes given for these fun local events that feature playboating (if you can roll, you can compete) slalom survivor, and other fun events.    They are usually free to compete in and have participation prizes, thanks to World Kayak and its sponsors for putting it on.  www.worldkayakblogs.com

I am counting the days until i get my new Villain!   I can’t complain as I have a working prototype and will get to use it again tomorrow on something fun, steep, and exciting.

Start calling your local club people, dealers, and find out what is going on.   Many dealers are starting to receive the new 2010 2 Fun, Fun, and 4 Fun, as well as the Star series, and the new multi-color boats in every category.   If you are thinking of getting one, now is the time to start asking as the first wave of kayaks they get into the store is coming and people typically sell through them and that is where the waiting lists start.

Rock Island is at 27,000 cfs and going up 3,000 cfs/hour.   The east is wet and life is good!