My good friend Jana Crouse just emailed me for the umpteenth time to post photos of KC.    The poor kid hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention from me in my blog posts, etc., while he is such a big part of my life.    OK, so I guess I’ll try to catch up.   First off, his first word was “Hot” and i taught him that for good reason, his own survival.  This winter i made some really hot fires in the fireplace that would have incinerated him in 5 seconds had he jumped in them.   Testing my theory that kids are smart and learn quickly,  I allowed him to learn the hard way what “hot” really means in physical terms.   I like to play with fire myself and so does Dane.   As per usual i had a book of matches on me and was lighting them and watching them burn while sitting on the mantel.   KC waddled up and I said, “hot’. He held out his hand and said, “hot” too.   Cool, he must know better.   Then he reached for the burning match and I let him touch it… he cried.   I said, see, “hot” and he then took pointed at the matches and in hand signals, said “more”.   OK, now that is my kid.   Gets burnt, it hurts, but the fun is worth the pain.  I get it, l love this kid. Dane, Emily, and I are all hearing impaired with me being the worst off, then Dane, and Emily slightly.   Kristine, who hears better than anyone I know, learned sign language to teach Dane to speak.  See you can’t make a kid say anything, but you can physically manipulate their hands to make gestures, that related to “words” and that is the easiest way to get a kid to “say his first word”.    KC does the “More” and now “please” and i am sure he says “Da da Da da” refering to his favorite person.

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EJ’s Second Son- KC Jackson- now 19 Months Old