1-the-scene.jpg1993 was the only time a World Freestyle Kayak Championships was held in the USA.    Since then it was held in:

Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Austria, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland.     Now, the international canoe federation is looking to the USA for good bids and if we can provide a great option, we can not only host the World Championships, but the World Cup the year before!    This is a great opportunity for the USA to showcase freestyle kayaking here, and host the world in our own backyard.      Anyone interested in bidding should know a few things that are important to be able to host the event.   This is a partial list.   The official ICF document for bidding can be reviewed by contacting Joe Jacobi, acting director of USACK the governing body of competitive kayaking in the USA.

1. The financial responsibility is on the host organizer.    clearly, if done right ,with the right corporate and government support it can be profitable and is a great economic boost to the area it is hosted at.

2. The International Canoe Federation has a laundry list of expectations that assure that the event runs like a world championships should, and that all athletes are given the opportunity to compete in a standardized competition and can train and prepare for it.   

3. The ICF controls the competition, with a chief judge, that is elected by the board and ICF board members, which are currently (Lluis (spain)- Chair,  Kristine (USA) – member, Ingrid (Germany)- member, Jon (France)-member )    The “EVENT” part of the event, meaning the non-competitive side with parties, entertainment, etc, etc. are all run by the local organizers.

4. The Feature should have controllable water, or VERY dependable water flows with historical data showing that the feature will be right during the dates proposed and 2 weeks prior for training.

5. The feature should be world championships worthy.    It can be a wave, or a hole.   The past two world championships were held on Waves, so the next one could be a hole, but a wave is still acceptable.

6. The bidding party must be able to prove that they are capable of hosting the biggest event in freestyle.

7. Media- There are requirements for TV/internet coverage.   While broadcast TV is recommended, Live internet coverage is sufficient.   


OK that is enough for now.    You can contact me with questions, but the official bids must be prepared and delivered to USACK.    Joe Jacobi is the person in charge.  From there,  the International Canoe Federation, lead by Lluis Rabaneda (Freestyle committee chair that Kristine is a member of as well) will vote on the location that best suits the sport and has the best chance of “raising the bar” in the competition both from a feature and a organization and athlete point of view.

Any location that is serious, should take it serious enough to get your group together and prepare a proper bid.     Here are some recommended people to contact about getting their support in writing.

1. city council

2. Department of tourism

3. Mayor

4. county/State officials.

5. sponsors- this is a high dollar event that will host 30-60 countries’ athletes and the festivities for the locals and athletes are important as well as the competition itself.

let’s see what we can drum up in the next 30 days.     The goal is to have bids in by april 1st.     it is better to have a bid in that isn’t as far along as you like by April 1st than to not present your bid at all.   

How exciting!   A USA World Championships!