Dane, David Blanding,  and I had the opportunity to paddle with a great group of paddlers from South Carolina on the Green River downstream of the Narrows.   We had several little kids, and some teens, and adults of all skill levels.     The weather and water were good until the takeout then the downpours started, which was fine, and welcome, except that a vent cover for the RV blew off somewhere the day before and we had to figure out how to keep the rain out of the RV.  

We could have demoed out more Mon-Stars had we had them.    We had people in the new 2010 Funs, as well as Stars and I think they were as fired up to paddle them as I was.   

The night before we went to downtown Greenville and had dinner with the Sunrift crew.    we discovered that there is a cool waterfall in the city!  

The last time I was at Sunrift was 15 years ago when I opened them up as a Wavesport dealer.    Now, they are a Jackson Kayak dealer.  Very cool.

I am writing this from the road, in Kansas now, heading west.