Lots of energy at the NOC Shootout  this year, which is also Spring Splash.    With the World Championships here in 2013, there is alot of anticipation about the new feature that NOC will build for it.   Meanwhile, built by hand is an sweet wave/hole built by bare hands with Daniel, Shane, TR and others.     While this feature isn’t worlds ready,  it is clear that the potential is there.

I haven’t seen results yet from Prelims for the Mens’ classes, but I did see that Dane won OC1, C1, and K1 Junior classes today for prelims.   He is on fire.   I didn’t see women’s or any others yet.  I’ll report on that tomorrow after  the event.   It is 7pm and we haven’t eaten yet.  tonight is music, and party night… 

Look for results tomorrow! and photos.