11-mens-pro-winnersSunday was NOC Shootout finals, followed by the “lemans start” attainment race from NOC store to the falls and back, and then low water Cascades runs in the Villains.    First on the water at 9am, off the water at 8pm.    Great day!  NOC did a terrific job in putting on the kick off event for the 2010 season.   While NOC didn’t have any Villains on the showroom floor, they had their demo and sold 5 of them, all special order, keeping us busy at the factory! 

The hole created for the competition is hand stacked with lots of little rocks and every day the rocks would slowly fall in and the hole would slowly disappear.   For the Finals the hole wasn’t very retentive, but still fun.   We did a lot of paddling up the eddy at this competition so couldn’t put on our best show for those wanting to see what we are all capable of.    That is fine, as the design group that will likely be creating the World’s Competition site, was on hand and their feature will be solid and will optimize this flow and gradient for a permanent playspot that will be fitting of a world championships.

It was too busy for many photos.  Kristine took a few and so did I but she was doing the scoring in the scoring tent all day and couldn’t man the camera.   Dane was competing all day, and I was doing that plus manning the booth when not paddling in front of the store.   The weather was awesome and the number of people out paddling was incredible.   It looks like the 2010 season will be rock with tons of people getting into river running, creeking, playboating, and even competing.      It was nice having the road at the Ocoee open again, so people can get from here to there.    This part of the USA is back in action.

Results from the event-  just look at the photos of awards to see!  

Bryan Kirk, Tommy Yon, and I were very close on the scores in the finals, with Bryan and I seperated only by 17 points.  Good job Bryan!  Tommy Killed it and showed his skills, coming close and he could have won the whole thing.    

After the event Dane, Clay, Jake, Justin, and myself loaded up our Villain S boat and hit the Cascades.   It was super low making the moves manky and different.  We ran laps on the bigger drops and did several different lines to make it interesting.    We are so lucky to have this boat now.   By the time we finished we were super tired and got back to the RV after 8pm and we were out of food and nobody had eating (including KC!).   We drove to Bryson City and went to pizza hut to refuel.   Bed and now I am waking up and ready to head to Asheville soon.  We’ll run the Green for a while while there, and then head to GOP and Sunrift this weekend!

See ya on the river,  🙂

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