So, somewhere in the continental USA there is a hidden trailer, loaded with cool outdoor gear, including a sweet blue Jackson Kayak Journey sea kayak.    This prize is up for grabs for the first person to actually lay their hands on it!    Each video clue will get you closer to the prize.    The key to winning will be to identify the region of the USA (you can do this with the first four clues already!) and then, if your are not there, find a friend or relative there to be your runner to actually go find the thing.    This will get VERY exciting as the finals clues come down the pipe.   Look for the Jackson Kayak Journey as part of the next Clue.     The final day will have live coverage at the prize location, and soembody will be there to lay their hands on it first.    I almost wish I didn’t sponsor this event as i would love to be competing!

OK, here is the website to go to:  register and start figuring it out!  

–       The contest is free and open to anybody, just go to

–       The grand prize is over $14,000 worth of great gear from SylvanSport, Jackson Kayak, Burton, Niner Bikes, SPOT, Kelty, Ground Industries, Yakima and a vacation package from WNC Outdoors

–       If you register now and spend a few minutes watching the videos you will be caught up.. in other words, it’s never too late to join in

–       To win the prize someone will have to claim it…that’s where friends, family, Facebook and Twitter come in.

–       The contest is generating A LOT of excitement as people try to figure out where it is!

Good luck!