What a good looking group

JK RV is easy to spot

Dane and I were holding down the fort in South Carolina in the past two days for the RV Fun Tour.   Kristine went home with KC to powerwash and stain the deck, which it needed, while Dane and I hit up the Asheville/Greenville area for a couple of days.      Last night we found out that Greenville, SC is actually a really cool city.   I had no idea.  It is happening and anyone who calls it home should be proud of what that city has become since the last time I was there 15 years ago.     

The last time i was in Greenville I was a sales rep for Wavesport.   My territory was easy to keep track of… I had everything East of the Mississippi.     It was 1997.    Matt, who is the marketing guy for Sunrift was there, he was 14 years old.  Now he is 27+ and had a beard,  that is wierd.

We went to dinner near a waterfall right in the city that was runnable last night while we looked over it under the lights at 10pm.    Dane and I were kicking ourselves for not having our boats.     i can’t remember the name of the restaurant we ate at, but it was a great one.    Joe, Lucy, and Thomas Pulliam came and ate with the Sunrift team, a guy named Jonathan (www.aidjoy.org) and Dane and I.   Dane was the designated driver and drove Josh and David back to Josh’s place, and then Bo and I back to Sunrift.    We slept right next to the fire pit where there was a raging bonfire in 1997 the last time I was there.    

We met up with a bunch of paddlers and then headed to the lower Green for a fun river run.     It was busy and people were between learning to paddle and learning to loop.     David blanding, Josh, Matt, Dane, and I all helped as much as we could to get everyone doing something new.

i am in Sylva, NC asfter 2  hours of driving before pooping out.   dane and I watched, “Pet Sematary” and freaked him out.   he isn’t used to Stephen ‘King yet.   I told him that I watched the premier of Christine at Hoff Theater at UMO with Stephen King in 1983.    I think he was impresesd.

Anyhow, tomorrow I’ll be driving to St. Louis an dhavie dinner with  Joe, the brand manager of Bud American Ale, before heading westward to Califonia.

good day!

tornados in TN- still haven’t seen one first hand there…..