This Saturday I went down an awesome and classic run-the North Fork of the Payette River. It was an action filled, 10 mile day. With the only creeker I have ever paddled being the Hero; I hopped right on a solid class V run in the Villain. I was sure that I was going to have a hard time going down with such a long boat and a semi-displacement hull. I was SOOO wrong! This boat was, in my opinion, was a slight bit better than the Hero. With this boat I was super comfortable for my first time in it, There were many things I liked about it:
1. By the end of 10 miles, there was barely any water in my boat, which makes it super dry.
2. With the squirrely water that the North Fork possesses, its edges never catch making it very stable.
3. When I was behind somebody I had to back paddle the whole way to not bump into them (going through rapids it was super fast but easy to maneuver).
4. The great thing about my Hero that I loved so much is it would stay on line, but was easy to correct. This did the same.
5. Going fast makes it easy to boof, but this is a boof-o-matic.
6. Ferrying is a dream.
7. In flatwater and rapids, it rolls by itself ( I got flipped in Rock Drop in Jacob’s Ladder, a very dangerous and hard to rapid to roll in, and I set up to roll and next thing I knew I was in the eddy right side up).
8. Going into normally tough eddies is hardly tough at all because it just carves smoothly into eddies.

I can’t wait to get the Villain.

See you on the river,

Alec Voorhees (12 years old)
Team Jackson Regional Paddler