This morning at 10am Pacific Time in Reno Nevada, one of the biggest Kayaking competitions in the USA got underway.    Thousands of spectators, tons of vendors, activities, live bands playing, great announcing, judging, etc..    Hobie is announcing with a famous ski guy (not sure his name) while Matt Solomon, Macy Burnham, and Jay Kincaid are Judges.    Johnny Meyers is on Timing.

The women started off this morning with Ruth taking the prelims, followed by Emily, and then Elaine Cambell, Devon Barker, Jessie Stone, and then Jessica.    In the Men’s class the quarter finals went:   Nick Troutman, Eric Jackson, Jason Craig, Dane Jackson, Clay Wright, Bryan Kirk, and Stephen Wright all making the Semi-final cut in that order.   Scores for both the men and women were hitting new highs with Nick, Jason, and myself all over 1300 points and Nick hitting 1,400 on one ride.  This is the first year we are all throwing combos even though the water is low.   The shorter 2010 All-Star makes it easier to throw one after another without hitting the bottom.   Nick is throwing loop to Orbit and a split to phonix combo.    Jason is doing a McNasty/Phonix combo,  Dane is doing split phonix combo and Orbit/tricky woo combo.  i am doing an orbit, split, phonix, orbit, split combo (trying too, and i think got it all linked on my second ride)       

the men have Semi-finals at 4pm cutting from 7 to 3 people.    Finals are knockout format 4;30pm.    The guys still have a BIG cut to make with so many incredible paddlers.    Jason and Dane (both 16 years old) are in the top 4 so far!!!   Only 3 people go through.  Like Thunder Dome (“7 men enter 3 men leave, 7 men enter, 3 men leave!!”)

Then it is 3 men enter, 2 men leave, then it is 2 men enter 1 man leaves….  then it is done and the champion of this year’s event is crowned.  

The winners of the Reno comps from the past for men are:

2004- Jay Kincaid

2005- EJ

2006- EJ

2007-Jay Kincaid

2008- EJ

2009- Stephen Wright

2010- ????