Dane practicingTraining is going good here in Augsburg.  Two workouts/day for Dane and I so far.   Kat is also doing the same, as is quite a few of the paddlers here.   I saw one of the local German team members do something super impressive.  He linked cartwheels into a McNasty, into a bow end, another McNasty, into a bow end another McNasty in perfect form.   It was awesome.    I have never done that before.    I rarely carthweel into a McNasty to begin with, but after seeing that, I intend to learn that skill!   It is awesome getting into a new group of top guys and seeing different styles, and clearly people focus on different skills.    Today is my last day in Augsburg, then off to Plattling tomorrow to train there and get to know that spot, so when the Augsburg World Cup event is over, and the whole circus rolls to Plattling for the WC final,  I don’t have to learn the spot with a crowd and limited training time.  

Meanwhile KC’s forehead is healing up nicely as the butterfly I put on it only about 15 minutes after his accident held up good and it looks like a minimum scar.   In the photo sequence below, you see his curiosity in action.   He has been eating lots of spider webs lately and really likes them, not sure if he has eaten a spider yet, but he doesn’t seem as fond of dandilions.

It is Sunday Morning at 6am and I have to wait another hour before coffee or breakfast.     After that we’ll head over to the Whitewater park for training session 1.    They are supposed to have adjusted the water/hole to make the foampile smoother and improve it.   i haven’t seen the results of that yet, but perhaps the combos will come easier.   I have a split to phonix here, a front loop/lunar orbit, backloop that goes as a combo sometimes.  

One photo is of Melvin Jones, formerly on the British slalom team and somebody I raced against in the late 80’s and 90’s when i was on the USA Slalom team.   His wife, Eva Roth, who was on the German team is here too, and was one of the hotties on the circuit back in the day, and he scooped her up a long time ago, and their daughter was out training yesterday with them.  Very cool.

Bretty Hyle of the USA Slalom Team (2010) is here training and we did a few gate sequences together below the “zoom flume”, me in my All-Star and him in his slalom boat.  Fun stuff.


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