Keith Miller, the owner of California Canoe and Kayak had a really bright idea…  Putting a Jackson Kayak Super Store on the American River in Coloma, CA, at the Sierra Nevada House.     Now anyone can demo the entire line of Jackson Kayak whitewater boats right there at the take out of the Chili Bar run at the Sierra Nevada House (restaurant/Bar/hotel… turned kayak shop too!).

A very small, very specialized shop designed to allow paddlers to demo Jackson Kayak boats, and purchase them right there, without having to drive to Rancho Cordova.    Let them know what other accessories you want to see them carry.     Any feedback is welcomed.

Meanwhile our river trip included 28 people for the Chili Bar run, and about 25 down to Lotus Park.  It was a great run with Nick, Emily, Dane, Sage, Mike, Hilde, Bryant, and myself leading the way and offering instruction to anyone who wanted it.    We had people in the Villain, Villain S, Fun, 2 Fun, 4 Fun, Star, All-Star, Super Star, Mon-Star, Shooting Star, Hero, Super Hero, and Little Hero.

We worked on playing with Rocks (splatting, boofing, running over them), surfing waves, running rapids, squirting, flatwater stuff, rolling/bracing, and strokes and concepts.    it was a busy day!

After the river run, we headed to the shop at the Sierra Nevada house for a cold Bud American Ale, and some nachos, chips, etc. and then dinner.   Mario from Costa Rica and David Stephan from Brazil showed up!  Awesome!  

A good night’s sleep on Saturday turned into a Great Day on Golden Gate on Sunday with just Nick, Dane, and I and three Villains!


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