We arrived in Augsburg to cold/rainy weather for the first two days of training, along with jet lag, and a very poor packing job by me of my paddling gear, making for a challenging day 1 and 2.   When we drove over the mountain from South Branch to Reno for my flight, we arrived in Reno after midnight and my flight was 6:10am the next morning.   I hadn’t packed for Summit Series, or Europe yet.     I woke at 4:15am and did the express packing job.  One drydeck, one fleece, one pair of board shorts, helmet, lifejacket.     Temps in the low 30’s at night, and raining,  high 40’s in the day made for a cold couple of days.    However, the jet lag is gone, the weather turned to high 60’s and sunny, and 2/day training sessions have Dane and I feeling much better.   We arrived two days before most of the athletes, who have been training in Plattling.    The WashingMachine hole was not in true competition form until this afternoon, after our morning session.   It has been higher and less stable.    Our second session today should produce much better results for the harder moves and combos with a more stable foampile.     Kat is here training and her first European adventure.   She is paddling quite well.    Dane is paddling really well in both C1 and kayak.  

Our food plan so far has been a good one.   Typical european breakfast is included in the hotel we are staying at; we have been buying bread, cheeze, salami, and tomatoes for lunch, and then we go out and have a cooked dinner.    KC is making the sleeping a little rough.   He isn’t dealing wiht Jet lag, because he has been sleeping all day and then awake all night.  That makes our adjustment a little bit harder.   

I flew to DC from Reno and didn’t bring a boat.   I took Danny Stock’s personal All-Star for my competition boat, and Dane borrrowed the Valley Mill Star Demo.    It is so cool that we use off the shelf boats for the big events.  This makes it so much easier and better for the average boat buyer, knowing that the best is available at their local shop.

We’ll start taking some photos now that the sun is out.    This hole produces some huge loops!   I still think the best whitewater park ever made was this first one, that was built in 1971 for the 1972 Olympics.    Smooth cement rocks that are great for splating, great slalom, and great freestyle spots.    Green, grassy, terraced stadium seating tops it all off.   consisent water flows 24/7 doesn’t hurt either!

Wish us luck!