The world is decending on Germany.   Russia, finland, USA, Canada, Japan, England, Sweden, Austria, etc. etc. etc. teams can all be found right here on the “Eiscanal” the worlds first Whitewater Park, and arguably still the best.    Dane and I have been training together every day, two or three times/day.   We did two sessions at Plattling yesterday, and one session at Augsburg.   Our theory was to arrive at Augsburg before the crowd and get in good training here and when the crowd arrived, go to Plattling, the site for the final world cup event, and train there while everyone was in Augsburg.     It worked our like a charm.   We had very intense, fast paced, no lineup training in Augsburg for several days, followed by the same in Plattling!   My routines are pretty well sorted out already for both places and I am putting the finishing touches on my moves now.    I am not happy with my consistency in each move yet, so that is what I’ll work on for the next three days in Augsburg.     There are a growing number of Europeans that are paddling really well and will have a shot at the podium this year.  

Kat, Devon, and Emery are also training together and with Dane and I, but we take turns on the water to keep the line down.   They are paddling well and seem to be having a great time as well.  

I am about to head out for workout #1 for today.   I am starting to plan my training sessions around the times that I’ll be competing to get a feel for how I’ll feel, food, etc..   

While Jet lag is going away, KC tries to keep it going by not cooperating with changing his schedule.   We tired him out in the past two days enough to get some good sleep last night.    

The All-Star is the boat of choice here on the World level.    I am fired up to be able to paddle mine.  Technically it is Danny Stock’s boat as I didn’t fly to DC with mine.   It is awesome paddling off the shelf boats in world competition.  I am so glad we didn’t dummy down the for sale versions, but instead give everyone the best we can make.

Look for photos, etc. soon!