Today was our last full day here in Europe.   We returned to Austria to the “Hardcore Wave” near Salsburg.   Today we had a proper “hardcore” hole as the drop zone for when you fall off the wave, eventually, on each ride.   It made it much more exciting.    We managed to find a way to get in from the eddy that included going across another hardcore, shallow, vertical, sticky pourover hole, that if you did it right you could jump out of the backwash and over a hump just far enough to get on the diagonal going into the main wave.  If you didn’t get enough speed you would fall off the diagonal and land in the catcher’s hole behind the wave.  When that happened you either got tooled and had to collect yourself, get right-side-up, and then bust out of the pit, or you managed to stay upright and just had to bust out of the pit, which, if you didn’t make it, you got normally went over the falls and had to, then, collect yourself and try again.   It sounds worse than it is, but it can’t be ignored, or avoided if you really want to play this wave.    Sooner or later you’ll be getting tooled.  

Kristine videoed on my iphone, which is MIA somehow since then.   Our van was crazy in terms of being full of boats, paddles, people, bags, etc..    We tried to eat breakfast each day in the hotel, and then eat a picnic lunch each day to save money, and then have a full dinner to fill up for the next day.    So we also had everything from drinks, cheese, meats, bread, jelly, cereal, bowls, etc.. In the van, not to mention gallons of Milk for KC, which seems to be all he really eats.      KC is an experiment to see if a human can live on cow milk and  french fries for a year.    

We got to check out Salsburg last night after surfing and this morning.    We hiked up to Europe’s largest castle, got to see the most protected building sites in the world of Borrach architecture, and eat “goulash” at a little restaurant on a narrow little ally in an old part of town built in the 1500s.   

Dane should have some video of the wave, but I don’t know how much.    We are at a hotel in Munich now, getting ready to leave tomorrow at 9am.   We are spread out in the hotel with nothing but dirty clothes, wet gear, paddles, gear bags, a dirty little boy (KC), and Kristine is frantically looking for my iphone, which I fear may have gotten knocked out of the van during our final gear/boat/people loading process this afternoon.     It was on a super busy bike path with many of them stopping at the trail we hiked to the rapid on.    We would drive back looking for the phone (2 hours)  if there was any remote chance that it could still be there.

When we get back into the states in DC, we’ll have a 3 hour layover and then fly to Colorado.    We land in Denver, and then have to drive the Mini (with more bags than can fit!) to Montrose (5 hours away) to get the RV out of the shop where it got towed to.    We then drive to get the dogs at Steve Holmes house, and then drive to Lyons where we compete this coming weekend for the Lyon’s Outdoor Games. 

It will be a crazy next two days I think.   Still wondering how we’ll deal with the bags, stroller, paddles, etc. etc. that we are flying in with and our Mini-cooper.   Hmmm…  

I also have one more project here tonight.    We Dane’s Star and my All-Star to find homes for them.   Arndt Schaeflein may hook up with us tonight and be able to deliver them.    We’ll see.  If not, we have to find Courtney from New Zealand tonight somewhere in Munich.  

Kristine just confirmed that my phone is missing from the van too, making it look like it is AWAL.  

Time to get back to figuring next steps….

If you need to call me, call Kristine’s phone at 931-224-1198 starting tomorrow at 4pm. (Monday)