Summer is only 10 days away!  When I think of summer I think of making memories that will define my year and give me something to put in my mental treasure chest.    My summer kayaking experiences are always part of that treasure chest.    This summer it will likely be my trip to MT/ID/WY in the Rockies, as well as the Ottawa River in Canada.    My Villain S, Fun, and All-Star will be key components to that experience.    My theory is that life is too short and the paddling opportunities too limited (even for me) to waste a day paddling anything less than the best boats.    For a playboat,  being able to do more in the same spots and do things easier and bigger and have more fun at it means I’ll be in my All-Star because it defines fun play.    4-ej-in-dannys-boatFor river running with good play too, the Fun allows me to be confident on harder water, but still play my brains out if there is a good spot, and there are always good spots!   1-clay-sliding-his-new-fun-into-vortexFor creeking  I’ll be in my new Villain S knowing that every line is easier and my fun verses fear factor will be as high as possible.    1-ej-boofing-villain-sFor big/huge water the Hero is still the tool that stays on top but surfs and maneuvers like a playboat.      

I figure that having new boats every year costs about $250-$300/boat if you sell them annually and upgrade.    Keeping them two years costs about $200/year, and keeping them 3 years costs about $200/year as well, so no benefit in keeping them another year.     For that amount, I think it is worth replacing my boats each year, if I can.     Now it is easier for me to replace them, since I know people who make them.. 🙂

Well, i had better check out the event before the rain comes and watch some more people train.   I haven’t registered yet and need to do that too!

I hope to see you on the river!