Day one of USA Team Trials is a tough one.   The entire USA Men’s Class was cut down to the top 10.   Women to top 5.      The day was sunny, the water levels perfect, the crowd was HUGE!   Some estimated 10,000 people!     Live coverage of the event on World Kayak TV (WKTV) at (watch tomorrow if you missed today)

So we now know who won’t be on Team USA in Men’s and Women’s classes, but still don’t know who will.   We’ll figure that out tomorrow!  With only 45 second rides the scores were soaring quite high.   Tons of combos thrown.

My rountine went close to plan for 45 seconds with:  Air Screw, back pan am right, blunt/mcnasty left, Wave monkey left (trophy move not on the sheet), backblunt left into phonix monkey left,  backloop mcnasty right (I never got the mcnasty right)

Clay did awesome backblunt/split combos.. jason Craig- backblunt/phonix left… there was more but i have to go eat and rest for tomorrow….  here are the results

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