This past weekend Dane, Kristine, KC, and I spent with the great folks at Alpenglow.   Alpenglow is a Jackson Kayak Superstore in Boise, ID on Bogus Basin Road.  Chuck and Anne Kremer are the owners and have been incredibly positive forces in the paddling community there.    We also got to paddle with the instructors and kids from Cascade’s River Kids Program where they teach hundreds of kids to paddle each summer.    What a perfect combination for Boise area.     During the Week we got to paddle the North Fork at close to 3,000 cfs, a fun ride!    On Friday, Dane and I did the dealer visit at Alpenglow store.    We met a bunch of customers, kids, parents, etc. and hot dogs were being sold to benefit the Idaho River Kids program.    Saturday was a busy day.  At 10 Am Dane and I taught a Strokes and Concepts class at the “Gutter”.    At 1pm we taught an intermediate playboating class, and at 3pm an advanced playboating class.    At 6 Pm we met up with 20 people to run the South Fork, Staircase section of the Payette.     Dane and I took the Dynamic Duo, and so did Jim Grossman and his son Bo.  

On Sunday we did an Idaho River Kids paddle with 20 kids and instructors down the main payette to the Climax Wave.     Dane and I got some good time on the Climax wave before loading the RV up for our drive to Salt Lake City where we flew from to get to the Ottawa.    We did the 7 hour drive with no major issues, other than me getting too tired to drive and having Kristine drive.    We arrived in Salt Lake in time to eat and catch our 11:45 pm flight to NYC.   We just landed in NYC at JFK and will board to Syracuse in a couple of hours.     Emily will pick us up there and we’ll have one final leg, a 5 hour drive from Syracuse to the Ottawa River.    Dane and I fully intend to hit the river when we arrive!  On Wednesday, we begin 14 straight days of teaching the Keener kids and a 5 day adult program as well for Ottawa Kayak School.       We’ll then fly back to Salt Lake and drive up to Jackson Hole, WY to catch up with Rendesvous River Sports on the Snake River.

I don’t have any photos of this weekend, as they had me pretty busy!