2010 has been our busiest ever and each of our 105 employees can attest to that.   24/7 molding operation that is going flat out for over 6 months straight, while adding two additional ovens in the process.   Assembly, shipping, accounting, customer service all pulling out their “A Game” to make sure that everything we are trying to achieve gets done.   R+D, Upper management, my partner, Tony, and Team JK all doing more, and keeping more balls in the air at one time.  

When the economy took a hit, we made an internal decision to make ourselves more succesful instead of less so.    The best analogy I can make is we were pushing our truck up the hill when somebody dumped a bunch of extra weight on it, trying to slow us down.   Instead of slowing, stopping, or getting run over, we all dug in hard and pushed harder, and we got more shoulders in the game too, with a stronger team.    It isn’t easy, but when you look at the destruction a failed business leaves, doing everything needed to succeed is always a better scenario.   

So to every one of our employees who made the first 6 months of 2010 a record in every department (production, Customer Service, shipping, accounting, profitability, new products, and Sales)- I take off my hat, raise my glass, and salute you- Thank You!

To each of you who are a customer of Jackson Kayak, buying our boats or gear, everyone at Jackson Kayak thanks you for your business!    You are the ones we make boats for.   You are the ones that make our world go around.    We hope the feeling is mutual.

See you on the river!