1-mark-and-kristina-showing-off-their-parkKelly’s Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho is an example of what one person can do if they have the resources and drive.    Mark Pickard and wife Kristina built a park named after Kristina’s late sister Kelly.    They created the park to leave a legacy to Kelly and to make something special for their town.    The park is on the North Fork of the Payette about 20 miles upstream of the classic Class 5 stretch.    There are currently three good features at the 2,300 cfs I paddled it at and plans for another two.

Right now the top feature is world class with a wave shoulder and a hole.   In one ride I did every move in the book (it took like 5 minutes, but I did it and never flushed).      There are two beginner features that are small waves with easy eddy access and lots of room to roll up.   Both are very small waves, slow, and non-threatening, perfect for learning.    There is a final feature that didn’t come out right at the bottom of the course that will be redesigned this fall.

The top feature will also be redesigned this fall.  currently it angles in one direction and could be improved by making two shoulders instead of one.   They have a three year permit to continue to make changes until it is exactly how they want it.    Dane and I had a great time at KWP and felt very welcome there. 

Devon Barker is running a kids camp that has 76 kids enrolled already!   They’ll be teaching kids in town to paddle and started this week.   This park will produce lots of new paddlers from this small town!

Congratulations to Mark and Kristina for a very succcesful project!  We look forward to enjoying it more in the future and hope to do some big competitions there!


p.s. look for a video by Dane on it![nggallery id=77 blog=6]