A little known stat that Jackson Kayak along with James Mcbeath created World Kayak to assure that there whitewater kayaking would be able to grow in terms of more fun activities to participate in.  One of our biggest acheivements has been the creation and sponsorship of the “Hometown Throwdowns”.     In 2008, our first year, we created 65 Hometown Throwdowns accross the USA.    In 2009 we upped that number to 135, more than double the number, with over $250,000 in prizes given to everyone who participated in these free to compete in events.     In 2010, the number of Hometown Throwdowns that will take place will be over 160.    This is the biggest surge in new Whitewater kayaking events in the history of the sport!    Instead of focusing on elite level events, we decided to provide events that are fun for all skill levels, and particuarly for beginner/intermediate paddlers.    There is rarely a “pro class” in these events.     This past weekend Wesley Bradley- a World Kayak Ambassador, hosted a Hometown Throwdown as part of the NOC GAF.    He wanted the top paddlers present to participate, so he created a pro class so the weekend warriors wouldn’t have to compete against the full time paddlers, like Emily, Dane, Dave Fusilli, and myself.     

Wesley did a great job organizing this “grass roots” competition, as he always does.     Keep it simple, and have a good time.     There must have been over 50 competitors (just guessing, but I was in heat 9!)    I am very happy to see something like this come to fruition.   

here are a few raw videos shot and posted to Youtube by David Wei, who competed in his first ever competition…