KC and EJ in fishing kayak- CoosaTomorrow the Pan Am Championships begins!    Tomorrow the high temperature will be 65 degrees and rainy.   Today it is 85 degrees and sunny until 3pm where the rains started moving in and the win/temp makes it start to feel like autumn.

This is about the warm summer weather, however!      We saw the cold rainy weather moving in on the radar screen so hit the water for the last time in swim suits here at the eddy above Push Button (where the competition is being held)

KC is getting quite comfortable in his Fun 1, but still doesn’t move it around much with the paddle.    He loves to pull himself around in the shallow water by his hands.    We played bocce ball with Joel, Kristine, Nick, Lauren, Emily, and Dane, had a picnic lunch, and did some swimming.    Dane brought his stand up paddle board and everyone had a good time with it.     We all had good training today at Push Buttton and are fired up for the competition (Pan Am Championships) tomorrow.   The Pan Am Championships are to crown the best of the Americas.    North, Central, and South.   This event looks like it has 4-6 countries competing.   Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile’,  and Brazil.      I still haven’t seen the athletes from Brazil or Chile’ here yet.

Ottawa Kayak School/Wilderness Tours is hosting the event.

Look for results and articles on the event over the weekend!


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