We have boats loaded on the Jackson RV, our Mini-Cooper on the trailer, Tara, Nick, Emily, KC and I are all riding in the RV while Kristine is driving! We are 6 hours from the Gauley River. This river and festival are so fun! I can’t wait to get there and get on the water!

We have a big surprise for Saturday, we are unveiling the 2011 Hero!

We have the following boats for you to try out that will be on my RV:

1. Villain
2. Villain S
3. 2 Fun
4. Fun
5. 4 Fun
6. 2011 Hero prototype!!!!

That is all of the room I had on the RV this year. Look for Star series demos from Clay, Stephen, Ace, and Class 6.

Tara and Clay are running the Dynamic Duo down the river. I didn’t bring mine this year as I ran out of room.