We have had two days of 85 degree weather- thousands of paddlers, great concerts day and night, a huge gear sale, kayaking competitions, etc.. all on Friday/Saturday.

NOC’s JK Demo fleet sold off in about 11 minutes yesterday morning, crazy! We had a World Kayak Hometown Throwdown yesterday, compliments of Wesley Bradley at the 2013 World Championships site. there must have been over 50 competitors in this event with hundreds of spectators during the 4 hour event. I missed awards as I was working the booth in front of the NOC store. I only got the top three results from one of the other competitors in the men’s class. Look for complete results on the World Kayak page. In the pro-class the results where:

1. EJ
2. Jonathan Shales
3. Dane Jackson

Today it is raining for the first day in a long time. Uh… how about 8″ of rain predicted in the Smokies!!! Oh yea! Look for the new 2011 Heroes hitting up some of the best creeks in the smokies in the next few days!

The new Hero debuted here at NOC and everyone that tried it was ready to get one, it was as good of a reception as I could imagine. They liked how stable, fast, and sporty it was. I taught a couple of people to roll in it, and that went super well.

I am off to the store now.

See you on the creeks tomorrow!