The 2010 Pan Am Championships- held in North America in 2010,  specifically in Canada, just finished with the Men’s Pro Finals.    9 countries competed, but only 5 Pan Am eligible countries (North, Central, and South America).

We saw Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile in the official Pan Ams.   We also saw England, Ireland, Taiwan, and Norway in the competition. 

TheThe location of the event was the Ottawa River, the feature was “Push Button”.   Push Button is a small, but sweet spot, with a hole just upstream of a fun wave.   Most people did their rides entirely on the wave, with only a few athletes using the upper hole which is fun, but difficult and an ugly rock is staring you in the face, which scares away most people.

The C1 Class started things off.  Unlike most competitions, we went straigt through to the end in each class, doing prelims, semi and finals back to back.

In the C1 Class it was:

Dane- USA,  Jordan Poffengberger- USA, Eric Jackson- USA , and Frankie – Canada in that order.  

Junior Women were next and it was:

Sara Daub- Canada,    Alex- Canada, Lauren Burress- USA

Senior Women-

Ruth Gordon- Canada,  Emily Jackson- USA, Katie Quinn- Canada

Senior Mens Class-

Stephen Wright- USA,  Eric JAckson- USA, Joel Kowalski- Canada,  Devyn Scott- Canada, Tin0 Spect- USA

We saw lots of great clean blunts, back air blunts, air screws, back pan ams, phonix monkey, air loops, cartwheels, splits, spins, etc…      for the size of the feature and how green it was, the scores were pretty stout.

The top three scores of the day were:

EJ- 750

Dane- 740

Stephen 710

The weather didn’t cooperate- with occaisional rain, lots of wind, and 60 degrees (compared to yesterday where it was 85 degrees and sunny)

We are headied to the awards dinner and ceremony at Wilderness Tours now- Heading back to the USA soon!