The sport of whitewater kayaking only has so many gatherings of the makers/shakers/doers and the Whitewater Symposium is one of those.      The brain child of Kent Ford, Bruce Lessels, and Bob Campbell this event is a must attend for those interested in the past, present, and future of whitewater kayaking.    In the past the symposium has had a focus primarily on instruction, but it has broadened into more general overall health and activities in the industry.   

There will be panel discussions and Q/A sessions with industry leaders in a variety of capacities.    Jackson Kayak is there as a manufacturer and participant in a variety of capacities.     The top kayak schools attend, like NOC, Zoar Outdoors, etc.., and instructors wanting to get updated ACA certifications can come and do a refresher.    World Kayak is presenting on a variety of topics.     Active presentations on subjects like Heather Herbeck’s  presentation to women on overcoming fear, or her morning workout that will rock anyone’s world.

On water clinics will be happening every hour that there aren’t big panel discussion seminars.     Learn from a variety of instruction gurus on all kinds of different subjects.     Jessie Stone will be presenting on Soft Power Health (her Malaria prevention program in Uganda- in case you want to volunteer and go paddle the Nile!)

This year’s WW Symposium is being hosted by NOC in Bryson City, NC.     It is open to anyone to attend.     There is a meal/lodging plan in place and you can sign up by contacting  Mary Francis Hansford.

Here is the website for the symposium… 

Jackson Kayak has been the kayak company sponsor for the Whitewater Symposium each year as we feel it is an important part of our future, the future of all kayakers.     Many great ideas come from this event and the people who make them come to life are often present.    We hope you’ll attend and be a part of the future of whitewater kayaking, contributing your input, as this is a participant driven event.

We will be bringing the new 2011 Hero prototypes there for you to try out as well!  Get the Scoop and be a part of R+D for Jackson Kayak!

See you there!