1-kc-and-dadThe River isn’t running yet here at Rock Island, but this is such a wonderful place to be this time of year!   I have been fishing in the Day Tripper down the Caney Fork a couple of times in the past week- running some class 2+ rapids and fishing from “Twin Falls” to the “boat ramp” at Rock Island Park.   Awesome spot, very fun and there are big bass and some big Muskie too!   I hooked a big Muskie but have yet to land one.   Water temp is still perfect for swimming and the air is mid-70’s.   I took a few fish home for dinner, enough for Kristine and I, and KC.    We made a stir fry with rice and vegetables, and put the fish on the skillet with butter, some seasoning, and lemons.   Yummy!   A Bud American Ale during the cleaning of the fish, and a glass of Gnarly Head Zinfindel with dinner and it capped of a big day at work![nggallery id=83 blog=6]

Last night I took Kristine and KC and drove the Landcruiser up to the top of the hill on our property after some strenuous work bringing a tree up to the yard to split for firewood this winter.    We brought out a bottle of wine, a blanket, and just hung out.  I had my iPhone on hand for the photos (used it for the fish too), which is sweet or I would not have had any.  [nggallery id=82 blog=6]

After the sunset where we had three dogs and four horses hanging out with us, we closed the gate and headed to the Foglight for dinner where Sara Whitner surprised us with a Gift Card for a ride we gave her from Salt Lake earlier this year (thanks Sara!).   I got the JP Filet and so did Kristine.  We couldn’t finish our dinner, so we brought enough filet home that I had Steak and Eggs for breakfast- sweet!!!  

A coconut cheese-cake, cup of coffee and two games of backgammon before bed last night (kristine beat me twice!) rounded out another awesome day at Rock Island.   Oh yea, I got a solid day of work in there too!   Made lots of progress on several fronts….

Wierd not having Dane, Emily, and Nick around, however.  I wish they were here.   I ran by myself and lifted weights by myself yesterday too.  Did I mention that Kristine ran 15 miles two days ago, then pulled KC around the same loop on her bike yesterday?  She and Emily are training for the Marine Corps Marathon this month.

OK- time to get back to work…