2-sunset-on-the-caney-forkOctober has been awesome so far for me here in Rock Island.   I got home about two weeks ago after six months of  being on the road.    Lots to do.  Catching up with the type of work that I don’t do as much of on the road.    While it is bone dry here in TN, no rain forever, none predicted, they are draining the lake here and we are paddling every day during the week.    It has been running at 1,500 cfs, a good level for training.   We have the top wave, a little hole above the main hole, the main hole, and then our new hole that we made. (not done but getting better!)

We have been cutting down little trash trees that have popped up while we were gone in the woods.    We have a disc golf course out back that is super cool.   Weed wacking is next.     Bocce ball, disc golf, cornhole, football- all games we play during breaks in the work day.    And paddling, of course.

Full moon last night- so a sunset to the west and a full moon to the east- beautiful sight!

Today Nick, Dane, Clay all go to the Russell Fork, while Emily and Kristine go to Nashville for a wine festival, and I babysit KC here at home.    Paddling first.


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