What happens  when you take the All-Star design and reduce its weight by 40% and increase ridigity.    You smile that confident, “oh Yea….” smile, and you say, “Watch This!”.    How do you pull off such a feat?  You make it out of Carbon/Kevlar using the latest manufacturing technology and you outfit it for weight and performance.   Watch out, here they come!

We have’nt taken this kayak to the Nile, Zambezi, Buseater, Dries, or any big features offering huge waves yet…. We have only paddled it at Rock Island at 1,500 cfs in Backstage Hole, and the Main Stage Hole.   Look what it can do there!


So, who is this boat for?

1. Serious boaters or those who just want to have the best and can fork out $2,800 to get it.   (This is not an indestructable boat.   It is a fragile kayak any way you compare it to plastic, but incredibly strong for a carbon boat under 20 pounds.)

2.    If you have a location to paddle that is deep enough for playing in that you won’t  be hitting bottom often.

3.  If you want to have a carbon boat, but want to have the exact same design in plastic for the non-carbon friendly playspots and competition spots.

How do you get one?  When can you get one, and other important questions…

Order yours through Jackson Kayak- look for the link to the store online at legacy.jacksonkayak.com/whitewateremail me directly at eric@jacksonkayak.com .   We are making them now.

How are they outfitted?

If you are in the USA/Canada- you will receive it almost ready to paddle with:

1. Carbon/Kevlar constructed hull/cockpit rim.

2. Sure-lock Backband installed.

3. Happy Feet 100 or 150

4. Sweet Cheeks 100, 150, or 200

5. Foam Seat that requires either using the peel and stick velcro to fix it in place, or contact cement (glue not included if you choose that method)

6. Grab handles and Security bar.

Total Weight at 19 pounds.

If you are from the UK-  You can order yours from Square Rock- Aaron Dempsey- he’ll be outfitting them there.  info@squarerock.co.uk

If you are from Europe or Japan- send your inquiries to your distributor, who will sort it out with me here.

Germany/Austria/Switzerland- Mega-Sports-  info@robsonpaddle.de

France, Spain, Portugal- Roc Roi-   Rocroi@rocroi.com

Northern Europe-Eraketuu-  timo@erakettu.com

Japan-Seektruth-  outdoor@seektruth.co.jp

prices outside of USA/Canada will vary based on outfitting, taxes, etc..  Check with your distributor for your prices there.

Delivery times will depend upon order volumes.     Dustin Urban, from Colorado USA- the newest member of Team Jackson Kayak (we’ll have our official announcement of Dustin joining the Team JK roster soon) was the first to order one.  He is getting a solid Orange All-Star- with the foam seat, for the lighest possible boat.

Enjoy the photos and video taken in my new toy.   Paddlers are Clay, Nick, Dane, and I.    We each took three rides and then switched on the first day, and then this morning we took another 5 or so today.    This video is the culmination of those rides.

I am fired up!