The Coosa has been and is a much anticipated fishing kayak by so many people, including myself!   I was lucky enough to be able to fish out of the prototypes in Canada, and the USA over the past 5 months.    However, there is nothing like getting the “Real Deal” and having finally completed the production boat!!   Wow!  I am in love and already planning a trip to Florida to fish my old stomping grounds in Lakeland and surrounding areas for some big bass, tarpon, snook, and stripers, and maybe some fly fishing for speckled perch.

James McBeath, a member of the Jackson Kayak Fishing Team, was on hand to test this boat out as well here at Rock Island on the Caney Fork River, downstream of the Great Falls Powerstation to the Rock Island State Park boat ramp on Center Hill Lake.

What is so special about the Coosa?   For starters it is the first ever fishing kayak designed for rivers, and small bodies of water.   Only 11’6″ long and lighweight, it can be carried by one person.    It has plenty of bow rocker for going over waves and holes, and smooths right over rocks for shallow spots.    The ultimate design acheivement is the “High/Low” seat that allows the fisherman/paddler to raise or lower the seat for a higher fishing position that allows a “no hands” stand up or sit down movment in the boat in the high position and increased stability for rapids in the low position.

A “Rod Locker” lockbox, flush mounted straigh back rod holders behind the seat, rod holders with straps in front of the fisherman, lots of extra storage space in the bow, a box holder on the stern, plano tackle box holders under the seat with easy access, a dry day hatch for phones, wallets, etc., and plenty of mounting locations for your electronics if you like to fish high tec.   

The walking platform in front of the seat is 23″ wide, the widest in the industry giving tons of stability and ease of stand up fishing.   

In our virgin run, we didn’t hook into anything large and decided to catch some small bass, instead of going for Muskie.  We were fishing for big bass, but, well, not today.  

The rapids on the way down the river were super fun and easy in the Coosa as we switched out between James and so we could both get some Coosa fun.  i had a Day Tripper 12 as well.

The trip down the gorge ended up with a beautiful sunset, and we met up with Lee Hart and Clay Wright floating around in a couple of Regal kayaks with Flow and Ivy on board (Clay and Tara’s dogs).  

Wonderful experience!   I can’t believe we are just now getting this boat for ourselves and others! 

I can’t wait to see what Drew catches in his!



p.s. here is a short video I made with my iPhone, with a couple of clips.     


Here is a really cool video made by Drew showcasing the boat, using his prototype!