2-day-tripping-the-caney-fork-for-bassChristmas may be the best example of how much I have been anticipating and anxious for the Coosa to arrive, so we can mold one for me to use personally.    The first ever RIVER fishing kayak is no longer going to be a prototype, or a project, or a dream.   Finally, it will be a reality.    I still have to wait a day or two before I can “test” it, because we have to mount it on the oven, mold it, and assemble it.   We are a couple of weeks away from production boats, but a couple of days away from the one I can paddle and fish out of.    In case you don’t know what the heck I am talking about.   Let me explain.   Fishing kayaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.   Most were designed for open ocean paddling, and for the car to pull up to a boat ramp to drop it off because it weighs too much to carry.   The Coosa is your “Small Body of Water” kayak.  Yes, it still works great in salt water and may well be the best one in many cases in the bay, etc.., but it truly is a one of a kind in moving water.   Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Coosa is the “High/Low” seat.  In the “high” position you are sitting up where you can fly fish, or cast comfortably, even underhand.   But the real key is that you can stand up from that position without using your hands!  This means you can get up for stand up fishing and then sit back down, all without your hands.   All other kayaks have the seat down low where you have to be an athlete to get up or down.    The walking platform is another Coosa exclusive, where you have tons of space to stand, even sideways.     Add the drag chain attachment points,  rod locker, day hatch, plano tackel storage under the seat, with easy access, and voila, you are ready to fish and it is WAY more fun.    There is something magical that happens when you have the right equipment.  Like being in an All-Star for playboating, or a Villain for creeking, you just know things are right.     The Coosa is just that.   I hope to land my first Muskie this week in one!  If not, some good bass.    James McBeath will be fired up to try fishing here on the Caney Fork with me this week.   You get to run class 2-3 rapids,  go into a beautiful gorge,  catch some sweet fish, and watch the sun shine and fade on the 200 foot bluffs in the gorge before taking out in the park downstream.    Yes, fishing your way down a whitewater river.    If you haven’t pre-ordered your Coosa yet, get on it!  This will be a popular boat!   Selling at $999, fully loaded.     Expect to be able to get one in two or three weeks, my best guess as long as we don’t have any issues dialing them in this week.   See you on the water!   EJ