Today was awesome in so many ways.   First off, we had an incredible family day.   Kristine, her mom, Emily, Dane, Nick, KC, and I spent the day together.   The paddlers in the family went to the hole at 9:30 am to kick off the day.    70 degrees then and went up to 75!!   It was also the first day since we got home that they ran two generators and we got to surft the top wave, the Stage Hole (main hole), and Backstage- all in one day.   I was in  my Carbon All-Star and got some of the biggest air on moves I have ever gotten here.

In Stage hole I got a McNasty that flew like a huge air loop.   My boat slammed in the green water so hard on the landing that I think I could have looped out of it.   I followed that up with a new Combo that I doubt has ever been done before….  Lunar Orbit to Exit Air Loop.   My Lunar Orbit hit in deep and I stood up on it and launched myself downstream looping up and out of the hole downstream and paddled away.   Cool.    I almost duplicated it, but not quite on another ride.

Nick did a wheelie that went over on his head downstream too, setting up for a Mystery Flip.   That was cool.    Steve Z came out to paddle and caught the main hole by accident, flipping and rolling up into it and then backlooping.    His face was priceless.  “What the #$%$%$?”  He rolled right up and caught the eddy, good job.

We found out that Backstage works at two generators as well!!  AWesome!   It is a REAL workout to get back into the hole but that is fine.   Emily took some photos from the day,  I am sure Nick will post them soon, if not already.   Backstage offers up some big air.  

When we got home from paddling we played a game of football.    DAne and I against Emily and Nick.   It was a close game as usual.    We followed that up with “cornhole” on the deck, while drinking Bud American Ale, and the girls having Bota Box wine.    No breakfast and only a vegatables for snack to save up room for the feast.     We did 18 holes of Disc Golf as well, but stopped at 16 to set a new Rock Island record for us.  The latest day in the year we went swimming in the lake.  We ran down to the lake and did a quick skinny dip on November 25th.   Our record before that was November 22nd, 5 years ago.   it wasn’t really very cold and we put our shorts back on and finished the final two holes.  

Now it is time to feast!!  First, we all said our round of “Thanks” to whatever we are thankful for, a tradition Kristine started.   Lorraine and Kristine cooked up the ultimate feast with homemade noodles, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, red cabbage, cucumber salad, carrots, stuffing, and for dessert, we had a second and third plate.    then the boys took a nap in the living room to digest without the pain of an overfull stomach to make room for apple pie and pumpkin pie.  Yumm.   

We finished up the night with some rounds of Pinball in the basement, and then lounging around in the living room, some cleaning up, and now it is bed time.

Kristine is putting KC to bed and then it is our turn…

Happy Thanksgiving!