Here is my training log, again, starting from the top- but it goes to the final minutes before today’s prelims.


2011 World Championships Training Log:  Plattling, Germany


Kristine, Emily, Dane, Nick, KC and I arrived in Plattling on June 7th, after about 25 hours of traveling from Vail, CO.   Tired but ready to paddle, we all got on the water and tried out this world’s spot.


The water level was at 1.8 meters on the gauge for our first workout, which is considered to be perfect.


McNasty, Loops, cartwheels, were all super easy right away.   Phonix and blunts were a little harder.   I was exhausted but having fun.


We got a good night sleep and paddled at 10am today.    The lineup was short and easy and the mood relaxed.   I wouldn’t say I got better at anything, but did some good Split/phonix, and some good loops.    I was hitting bottom more than I liked and finally created a leaky bow in my carbon boat.


I switched to a plastic boat this PM as they were delivered and the bottom was not an issue.  I am getting Lunar Orbits now, which is sweet!


At dinner across the street and had a great dinner cheap.   I am falling asleep again and ready for bed at only 8pm.


Big day tomorrow as we do an early workout and then go to Galasport to work on our boats.




Morning Workout before Galasport-  Things are getting EASY now!   Mcnasties are getting aerial and fast and consistent.  Split phonix is getting easier too!   Loops are huge, space godzilla’s OK.    Getting my Lunar Orbits as well!  Getting the feeling back!


Galasport visit- long day but a good one.   Great to see these guys!


Afternoon workout- 6-8pm-

Lunar Orbits going well,   getting this ride pretty easily.


Mcnasty left, right

Air loop

Space split phonix left

Space left

Split left/right right phonix

Lunar orbit

Back loop



Friday- June 10, 2011


Workout 1- 8-10am

Small lineup- did some good paddling today!

McNasty was going great- 10 for 10  (5 each way)

Split phonix going well

Air loop OK

Space Godzilla needs work

Lunar orbit getting better but needs work

Back loop OK , but needs work

Found new set up on surfers right- quick carve out and then back, much safer if you screw up and easy to get on top at lower water


Workout #2- goal:  More lunar orbit training.


Nothing but lunar orbit training this afternoon.  Fun stuff.    I invented this move in 2003 and nailed it perfectly on my first try on the Zambezi River.   It is amazing to me that I am having to really practice it over and over again to get the proper feeling back and get vertical to vertical ends going without flushing.    Crazy.    After watching Peter Czonka train and do three out of three attempts, I wanted that move back in my routine.       The three moves commonly done in competitions today that I created, I want each one in my ride.  McNasty, Lunar Orbit, and Split-wheel.     I am getting the others easily.


I am beat and dead tired.    Lack of proper sleep, too much time on the water, not enough recovery.   Sick from the river water, forgetting my European river rule, which is to do a shot of hard alcohol after each workout to kill any germs attempting to take hold in my body (coach Sylvan’s remedy from 1993) and it works.


Work out #3:

Back in my carbon boat- fixed like a champ by Galasport.  It was never in bad shape but had one crack in the bow that needed attention.    Feels good to be in such a light boat again, but not good worrying about the rocks.     Nick and I are both getting fired up on being able to slam the river bottom with no stress in the plastic boats.   We are already hinting on paddling our plastic boats for the World Championships.   Most of the athletes would not understand and think we are crazy.    I am 100% in favor of having a carbon Rock Star, but given a choice between one or the other I would own a plastic one.   Own two?  Then I’ll get a carbon one too.      When the world’s competition comes around I think others will understand the concept better.   The Euros and locals watch each other too much and everyone gets used to doing baby loops, etc.. to avoid the full steam bottom slam that destroys boats.    We are bringing a different heat here that will get the crowd on its feet.   Flying high.   Wait until Stephen arrives- the big air master.      I can go big in my plastic boat.  I can go about 10 pounds higher in my composite boat, but practicing for the right plugging location/angle, etc.. is a boat breaking exercise.    The Galasport bow is as resistant to breaking as they come, but…


My workout #3 didn’t go so well.   Too tired by the end and I was losing focus.  I couldn’t do moves as well as my first workout here!   I tried the easiest stuff to get my focus back and even that stuff was sloppy.   Time to get off the water.


We ate at a little pizza place and I got a mushroom pizza and beer and fell asleep at the table at one point.    10pm dinner after paddling (stays light late here) and bed at 12am.  Up again at 6:45 for breakfast and workout #1


Workout #1- Saturday June 10, 2011

Body is tired.   Nick looks dead tired, eyes red, and definitely needs rest.      Paddled composite for first hour, plastic for second 2 hours.      Worked on all moves.    McNasty right to split right/left to phonix left, to split left right/ to phonix right combo was a big focus.   Still not getting past first split wheel as my bow is coming down to vertical and to sideways to do a proper pirouette into the first phonix.      I will get this down, I think.     It is a sick combo worth about a zillion points if the judges are good enough to see and call it out.     It is also a fast way to bust through the hardest moves without a pause.   2nd Mcnasty still needed but that goes from the pit so no set up time needed.    Then the Lunar orbit into cartwheels or backloop is my idea for another combo and then loop moves- huge and clean.   Felix front loop combo is tempting and Nick is doing that well, but getting huge and clean is almost impossible from the felix.       Practiced until I dropped today.    Lineup was medium/short and the time on the water was well spent.


Peter and Pringle watched another one of our workouts.    I wonder what they are thinking?   I’ll be they think they’ll kick our butts, as they are very consistent at the hard moves and we are still figuring it out on the home turf.      I watched Peter paddle and he was looking very sharp on his moves.   He is a machine here.    He will be a big challenge to overcome here.


Got off the water and my arms are borderline tendonitis and overtraining for sure.   Technique is more important to me than feeling strong so no letting up anytime soon.  Lots of catching up to do before it gets super crowded.      Went to Deggindorph to check it out and eat lunch.  Nick and Emily slept in the back seat while I tried to stay awake.


Getting Ready for Workout #2 today-


Workout #2:   6-7:30 pm-


Did a few “rodeo rides” as well as worked some moves and combos.


Current rodeo ride plan:


3-Entry move-   50

16- McNasty right/ split right/left-  Phonix Left- Split Left/right- Phonix Right  760

21- Mcnasty Left- 920

28- Felix /Air Loop- 1100

33- Space Godzilla Right- 1190

41- Lunar Orbit/Back loop combo- 1480

46- Felix right- 1560

50- Cartwheel both ways- 1620



Reality so far:   I am getting the Mcnasty to split and left phonix often   (440)

I am getting the split to phonix right 40% so far- needs improvement (250)


Felix/Air loop:   60% =  200 points

Space Right- 80%

Lunar Orbit left- 60%

Backloop 60%

Felix right?  Haven’t tried yet



Sunday, June 12, 2011


Workout #1- later today- stayed up late with Kristine/KC



  1. Work on Split to right phonix
  2. Work on lunar orbit left and backloop
  3. Try felix right
  4. Try space right (5 times)
  5. Work on double pump McNasty to big air.
  6. Work on big air on phonix



Results:  Good workout- waited too long to remember just how good, but was happy with it.


Workout number 2:   VERY BAD- must be tired or something.   I sucked so bad that it reminded me of “Space Jam” when Michael Jordan and the rest of the Bulls got their Mojo stolen and couldn’t dribble or shoot.    That was me.


Monday- June 13, 2011


7:30-10:15am workout:

7:30-9:30- Sucked again!!  Paddled carbon boat, put another 100 sweet cheeks in it after 45 minutes and it was much better.    Broke my rope (carbon cut it) as I didn’t have the tubing on my right side (Duh).      Switched to plastic and still sucked.


All I was working on was the Split/Phonix Combo and McNasties.    Nothing was working.    Splits were fine, phonix almost never happened.


Switched it up and starting doing felix/front loop and Lunar Orbits and space godzillas.    They went well.


Finished up with routines and while I missed one big move on each ride, I was getting mcNasty/split/phonix combo and the rest of the moves.      Huge improvement.


I will take one session off- either today or tomorrow AM.       Need a mental break and to start Phase 2 of my training.    Competition Training.     Timed rides, splitting them into 1/3rds, going for bonuses, etc..     I am committing to plastic, I think for this World Championships!



Huge Air Loop- Check 100% air loop 60% huge/clean unless linked with felix

Space Godzilla Right- Check

Felix Left- Check

Mcnasty right- split right/left- Check

Right/left split phonix-    if I am fired up and going for it- check- if tired and not quick- no go

Left/right split right phonix- when fired up- check- if tired no check.

Lunar Orbit left-  40%


Things to work on:


McNasty Left to Felix without surfing to wave

Airloop to space Godzilla without surfing to wave

Lunar orbit without surfing to corner.

Rapid fire phonix if miss splitphonix combo.

Workout #2- PM-


  1. Get Entry move more vertical
  2. All things in red above.
  3. Get lunar orbit down properly- try righty as well.

Results:   Entry move is getting better,   did only one space from the loop- focus on that!


Lunar Orbit is getting worse- need to get it better or move on.   (right felix is an option , too)


Tuesday, June 14th– 2011

Went to Galasport in the morning (took morning off)


6-7:30pm   5 rides

Ride 1- loop to flush

Ride 2- loop to hit rock to flush

Ride 3- Blunt McNasty/Back Pan am practice (5 missed blunt/mcnasty 1 good one)   Got three good back pan ams.

Ride 4- Attempted more blunt mcnasty- one good one, and then flushed on a back blunt miss

Ride 5- rodeo ride-   Did everything but missed my split phonix twice each way.


Line was really long and rides were really short.     Didn’t stay too long as I wanted to do an easy day.


Wednesday, June 15-   Begin Competition Training and final routine decisions. (Timed, video, and scored Rides- scored)


Wake at 7:30am after another long night with KC.


Workout #1-   Prelims- Quarter Finals- Semi-Finals-


Entry Move

Right Mcnasty- split right/left left phonix

Split left right –right phonix

Spin straight to left mcnasty- left cartwheel

Felix/front loop combo

Space Godzilla right

Lunar Orbit left


Space Godzilla left



Ride 1:  740  (Got entry move, mcnasty/split,  phonix left, split phonix right

Ride 2:  130 (two splits, entry)

Ride 3: 730 (missed right mcnasty)  time up after front loop

Ride 4: 870

Ride 5: 420

Ride 6: 0

Ride 7: 500




  1. Work on Right McNasty again- that is a KEY move.
  2. Then get my split phonix down better, both ways.
  3. Mcnasty left to felix front loop don’t go to wave
  4. Front loop to space, stay in hole.
  5. Lunar orbit from hole, don’t go to wave


Workout number 2: goals:


  1. Right Mcnasty – get it down
  2. Loops and felix’s both ways, get them down from anywhere.


Workout #2 Reality-  Water dropped to 1.4 meters and was Super shallow and non-retentive.     We did our best to learn it at this level.


I could do both McNasties, air loop, felix left, phonix both ways (need practice on that, however)  cartwheels, blunt right, and space godzillas.


Let’s hope for higher water.    The water didn’t go down naturally- it dropped because of a dam (in my humble opinion).    How does nobody know this was going to happen?


Thursday, June 16th

Goals, depends on water levels:   Normal water level- work routine.   Low water level create routine.


1.4 level routine:

Entry move

Mcnasty left

Felix left

Mcnasty right

Air Loop

Felix right (needs practice)

Space Godzilla right

Space Godzilla left

Phonix left

Phonix right


Water level on Thursday AM was actually higher than last night.   Not sure the level but the seal launch rock was JUST underwater.


Ride 1:  Rodeo Ride-   Mcnasty right was shanked, but split right/left to phonix left was good, and split back to the right was good, then missed phonix right.     Went back and got it on second try and mcnasty left was good.   Felix left to front loop was good.  Space right was good, peeled off after that ( 910 points)


Ride 2: worked on Mcnasty left-   big one to flush

Ride 3: Mcnasty left- four times- two normal, two Dane style.   Three of four were good.

Ride 4: Felix ride- tried righty and it was good but slow.    Did left to loop and it was good.  Did left to loop, and right immediately after but flushed on a righty- I was too high on the pile, I think, need to get into trough.


Ride 5:  Rodeo Ride-   McNasty Right- splits and phonixes all went (700 points),  then Mcnasty Left, felix Front loop, and space Godzilla all went, then peeled off early.  (440 points)  total of 1140.

Learned that I need to work on 2nd ½ of the ride from the left McNasty on.


Left McNasty

Felix Left/Air Loop

Felix Right/space Godzilla/cartwheel


610 points on backend of routine.


1300 point ride



Workout #2:   Super Low water- did prelims and quarter finals









Friday- Team Training Slots begin

High water today!!!


Canada-  Nick- 1120 (1 second from getting a 1270)


USA Team Training Spot


Goal- 3 rides (must be in the front of the line up)

Ride 1-2 in Carbon Boat

Ride 3 in plastic boat


Rodeo Ride

Entry- mcrt/splitright/left-phonixleft- splitl/r-phonix right- mcnleft, felix left/clean huge airloop, felix right/space right/ space left/backloop


Results:  Disastrous rides at start- mostly from having trouble with opening righty-mcnasty.


Best ride scored an 1170, WITH missing a backloop, and left/right phonix twice.   That shows my routine to be a potential winner.


Things to focus on:


Right McNasty- practice this- do 5 in a row- all good, then do routine.

Right felix- get it down faster.


Best moves-

Left phonix

Left McNasty

Air Loop

Felix Left

Space Godzilla right

Both splits


Most need of work

Split to phonix right

Mcnasty right with big air

Felix right



Workout #2- Saturday-  Use Carbon Boat with seat belt

Rained again last night- water rose to 1.91!   Good level


I did a 1030 on my best ride but it was 7 seconds or so too short.

Carbon boat-

Good- Huge/Clean Air loop.   Huge Space Godzillas

McNasty snappy and aerial.



How I paddled:


  1. Generally did well.
  2. Issues:   Split phonix not going every time.


Alternatives to my opening sequence:

  1. McNasty both ways, linking splits out of one or the other.
  2. Back Pan am or back blunt if water levels cooperate
  3. Front blunt backloop
  4. Backblunt front loop
  5. Backloop
  6. Lunar Orbit
  7. Wavemonkey


Alternative routine:

Entry Move- huge Air loop-clean- 200

Huge Space Godzilla- Split- 160

Huge Space Godzilla- Split- 160

Felix/felix- 200

Mcnasty-cartwheel-  200

Mcnasty-cartwheel- 200

Phonix left- 170

Phonix right- 170

Back loop- 100


Training Session #1- 5:30 AM- Sunday


Got up early and went out.   Did a good warm up- water is up big time 2.2 meters or something like that.


First ride- did a rodeo ride and hurt myself on a McNasty.   Pulled a muscle in between my shoulder blades.     I almost got out as it really hurt.    I stayed in and did some short, easy rides.    Huge Loops and was able to do my routine pretty well.     There were only a couple of people on the water at 5:30am, but by 6:45 it was at least 14 people.


Best ride was over 1200.


Session 2: Team Training- 8:00 am


I did my second session with 8 Advil in me and while my back still hurt it was reasonable.


Rodeo Rides:  best rides were in the 900’s- never got to phonix monkeys.


Loops were small often, need to set them up and remember that going huge is part of the deal.  I did some huge/clean loops 2 out of 5 attempts.


Felt like the score went up slowly using loops/space godzillas in the beginning.


Felix is an easy 100, but if I don’t have time for Phonix- it is bad.


Also- doing splits after the spaces are important, and doing cartwheels after mcnasty is important.


High water- back pan ams either direction are key!!   Back blunts also.


Routine for Monday- FINAL DAY of training!!!!


  1. Entry Move
  2. Huge/Super Clean Air Loop- smile- look at judges
  3. Clean SpaceGodzilla Left/split left right  (phonix if available!!!)
  4. Clean SpaceGodzilla Right/split right /left  (phonix if available!!!)
  5. McNasty Left/cartwheel left
  6. McNasty Right/cartwheel right
  7. Felix Left
  8. Felix Right
  9. Front blunt/BackLoop/ backblunt

10.  Phonix left

11. Phonix right


Results:  Today I got several 900 point rides, but missed my blunt/backloop and never got to phonix.  Eliminate the front blunt!!     Still some good paddling and the space/split combo is going well.


Tuesday, June 21st Longest day of the year (actually tomorrow will likely be the longest day of the year!)


Watched Emily dominate today’s competition in Women with a 1,000+ score to 600 for second place.     She was so awesome!   Dane followed up in C1 with 1200+ points and second was at 800+ points, so same spread.    Dane then did Squirt and got 2nd place in prelims!!    I had KC most of the day, while Kristine worked all day with the ICF group to keep things organized.


Women’s Squirt finished and I was the first person in the hole.   I did some fun rides, checking my moves out for dependability and was happy to find that I am paddling well.   Loops were mostly huge and clean,  space godzillas were going and split combos going too.   Phonix’s went,  mcnasty went,felixes went.   Blunt/backloop didn’t go- eliminating the blunt- but doing the backloop back panam combo.


Showed off the Air loop/Air Screw combo and I think it could score!    320 points off of a huge/clean air loop!   If I do this in the competition, it will be a new record (never been done before)  I try to do at least one new move or combo at every worlds and have done it at most of them.   Thun I didn’t throw the WaveMonkey during my rides as I never got to it.  Stephen did after his ride on one of the rounds.   I felt bad that I didn’t bust anything new out at that worlds.


Things are changing fast around here!!  Forecast for the weather is that it will be CRAZY rain coming and floods are coming with them.    We are now going for 16 hours tomorrow and I am doing 2 rounds tomorrow, assuming I paddle well.


Time for sleep- more later- not likely tomorrow as it is too long of a day.




Routine for Prelims- “This is my final answer.”


Entry Move

Huge/Clean Air Loop/airscrew combo

Spacegodzilla right/split left/phonix left

Spacegodzilla left/split right phonix right

Mcnasty left

Mcnasty right

Felix left

Felix right

Backloop/backblunt combo

Phonixs that I missed

Lunar Orbit left


Thursday, June 22nd–  6:10 AM-  OK time to go to the river!  My prelims heat will start in 90 minutes!  Today’s event will go from 7am -11pm!   Floods coming tomorrow!   Shortest world championships in history- 3 days!


Feeling good, except my back is knotted up where I pulled the muscle- need to do a long warm up.