Jackson Kayak is not known for sitting on our laurels when it comes to our R+D department and our desire to lead the market with new, innovative, functional, and fun kayaks.     Our heads are full of ideas, from our customers, dealers, team, and staff.     Lots of great ideas come our way.    Turning them into a ready for market product, that is priced right, manufactured by us in TN, and will turn heads takes time, money, and expertise.     2011 season has been spent manufacturing, selling, and paddling our new products that we developed the year before.    During this season, we have been developing some very exciting product for 2012, that will be seen in final, or close to final prototype form in 8 days at the “On Water Demo” at Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT.

I would LOVE to tell you what we have created right here, right now, but like making a birthday present for a loved one, it is better to wait for their birthday then give it to them early.    So I will display some self control and wait.

We will be posting photos from the On Water demo showcasing each of our new boats on Wednesday, August 3rd.     If you are a whitewater kayaker, fisherman, or just like kayaks, then you should pay attention as I think you’ll be Very excited.

Our 2011 product has changed the lives of many…   The 2011 Rock Star makes playing the river easier and more fun than ever before and has driven the scores in freestyle kayaking through the roof.     The 2011 Coosa turned the Kayak fishing market on its head with the first truly dedicated kayak fishing design from the ground up (verses making a kayak into a fishing kayak by adding accessories).    The Coosa has brought my fishing heritage back to front and center (I was a junior “pro” Bass fisherman in the 70’s in Lakeland  Florida) as I can mix paddling on rivers and fishing at the same time (like running the Ottawa River, Caney Fork, etc..)   The Rogue we developed for 2011 is just now getting the attention it deserves for a hybrid whitewater/expedition kayak that can be paddled in just about any type of water.

In 2012 we’ll see even MORE completely new designs in categories JK has never been in whitewater and fishing.     I am so proud of my R+D team, and those who provided new ideas, as some of the concepts we integrated into our new products are revolutionary.

I will fly into Salt Lake on Tuesday of next week and be uniting with my wife, Dane, KC, and the OR team.    Look for your first photos of the new products on Wednesday night!

“only 8 more sleeps”