There are special people everywhere in the world, but some stick out and make the world a better place for many.      Aaron and Rhona Dempsey are perfect examples.



They have been partners with us in charge of selling Jackson Kayak in Europe with a main focus on the UK.   Over the years they have grown with us and created a nice business for themselves, while really focusing on adding value to the entire kayaking community.    They sponsor kids programs, do coaching and support, help organize events, provide kayaks,  fix team members vehicles, do airport pickups, and feed everyone like they were family.


I just wanted to make sure they know, and that everyone knows just how great this family is.   Their kids, Kyle (look for a kick butt Heavy Metal song with his vocals and his band in a promo video coming soon!), both girls are a splitting image of Rhona (looks, and super nice), and the youngest (17) Saul is way ahead of his time and quite open to being helpful all day long.


I was lucky to be able to spend a week at there house with them!  Rhona kept my glass full and my belly full, whether I was thirsty or hungry or not!


Thank you Rhona and Aaron, and kids!



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