When 150 kayakers just finish competing at an extreme race in Austria, and it is Octoberfest in Germany…  you can expect at least 20 or so kayakers to B-line for Munich and hit up the biggest party on earth.   Nick, Dane, Rafa, and I did just that, knowing full well that there would be a solid gathering, all meeting at the HB beer tent (this one holds 7,000 people).    We were not disappointed as it was the Who’s Who of kayakers who came, it seemed.   Two world cup and world slalom champions, Freestyle champions, video stars,  and everyone just there to have a great time.     I had my iphone on me and took some shots.  You’ll notice that my hair was longer in this video, as I didn’t have any lederhosen, the official uniform of Octoberfest, so I brought my best red-neck outfit instead.   The video isn’t a professional one, it is just to give a small hint as to what it is like being at the biggest party the world throws…



And a real kayakING video



Wow- OK, so that is what it is all about….   Cool!