Today we went out early loaded up with Heroes/Villains/Funs/ and a Fun Runner to the Upper Pescados. This river has a hike into the gorgethat is quite incredible. It takes about 10 minutes to hike to the ridge where you have a perfect view of the tallest mountain in Mexico, “Pico de Orizaba” which is 5,600 meters tall 17,000 feet. It is snow capped and stands alone. It reaches down to sea level making it quite a spectacle of massiveness. To put it in perspective, the tallest mountains of Colorado, around 14,000 feet, also quite impressive, don’t dip below 6,000 feet normally at the valley, making them about 8,000 feet of mountain to look at, verses this one at 17,000 feet. We took a few photos and then headed straight into a steep traversing, overhung, jungle trail down into the gorge. It was about 20 minutes downhill before we got to the river. Not a bad hike at all, and we were rewarded with Passion fruit, ripe and ready to eat, from several trees and on the ground. It is called Maracuya here and they consider it the “most tropical fruit in the world”. The flavor is very strong, and sweet/sour. It is the perfect source of vitamin c and energy for starting a river run.

The river starts off class 3, with some of the best rock spins, splats, boofs you can find. There are the “Four Fours” , for class 4 rapids at the bottom. I paddled the Fun down the river run and it was perfect. Some great little cartwheel spots, squirting spots, a million rock spins and splats make it the ultimate Fun run. We took lots of photos/video of the run, which we’ll share soon as we get them organized. At the Take out we loaded up and headed to the Mexico Verde camp where we organized the boats to go to Tlapacoyan, and moved out as we headed to the “Actopan” river. It was about a 90 minute drive to this one andwe got there at 5pm, so the lighting for photos/video wasn’t good, but the run was the most beautiful one yet. The put in is at a nature reserve with birds, and reptiles, etc.. with a 20 foot waterfall at the put-in if you choose to run it. The run is class 2 and easy 3 with it starting off steeper and then mellowing out. Waterfalls coming in from the sides, crystal clear water, and jungle overhung ferns and other plants make it an incredible scenic run. I paddled the Rogue 9, and James was in the 10, while Lee paddled in the bow of the Dynamic Duo with Rafa in the stern. Perfect run for those not wanting hard whitewater, but want the remote experience.

After the take out, we headed to Tlapacoyan where the Alseseca River is and the Filolobos as well. We are about to embark on our next part of Veracruz, which is part of the cloud forest and one of the most important ecological areas of North America. The raptors of North America migrate through this area to the tune of 5,000,000/year, and it holds 12% of the earths species of plants. Awesome!