We made our way back to Ferdinans place at the Costa de Oro where we paddled into the ocean down the Oro River a few days ago.   The weather was windy and rainy last time (El Norte), so we wanted to come back when we could enjoy a good paddle among the cliffs, a cave, and some secluded beaches in reasonable weather.   Today was supposed to rain again, but the clouds poked through and it cleared up nicely by mid-day.    Emily and James launched the Journeys, while Kristine, KC, and I launched the Riviera and Regal to head out to a cool beach around the cliffs that were to our left.      KC loved being out in the ocean and wanted to help paddle.      James and Emily disappeared quickly cruising in their boats ahead of us.     We didn’t catch up to them for another hour as they took quite a tour of the beautiful living vertical cliffs.   Crabs covered the rocks, and the clear water surged up and down the rock walls, but the swells didn’t break into them, as the water was deep.      Emily and James meandered in and out of the rocks and found the cave that Ferdinand discovered the old Moroccan sword and artifacts, as well as his prized coin that looked like it was from a treasure chest.    They paddled into the cave but didn’t spend much time as a rogue swell almost surfed James deep into the wall at the back of it.     Emily and James stayed outside of the cave after that.     We all stopped at a beach that was no more than 50 feet long and 25 feet deep in a protected inlet that prevented any waves from coming in.    It was a sweet little spot.   We paddled the boats around, played in the sand, and got some sun.     KC was in heaven as he could see crabs, climb around on all of the rocks, and play in the sand.


As the day was ending, we headed back to the beach in front of Ferdinans place and did some surfing in the Rivieras and also on some stand-up boards.     The Riviera is super fun in the surf.     I paddled it out,  turn around, surf all of the way into shore and repeat.    Dane, Rafa, and I did some good surfing in them.   I did some backsurfing but the rocker in the stern isn’t really enough for that, but makes for some good backenders!    We surfed until the sun poked its head out one last time under the palm trees on the horizon line (we are on the East coast) and gave us a last taste of its warmth, and then dropped down.


We loaded the boats up again, as we were going to eat our last meal cooked in the most rustic of kitchens on the beach here at Ferdinans.   We had tacos, shrimp and little fish that are fried whole.       Add in homemade chili sauces, avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion,  homemade pico de gallo, and black beans, and cheese, and we had an incredible dinner.   Corona and Sol were the beverages of choice.       Our drivers,  Isreal, Antonio, and Lalo had another drive ahead as we were headed back to Lake Catemaco to see if we can find the Shaman’s camp along the lake.      They have been our designated drivers this entire trip and are awesome.     The drive was only about 2 hours and we arrived at the “Playa Cristol” hotel where they, too, had dinner waiting for us.   Two dinners today, sweet!    We kept it light as we planned out our next day.

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